Audio production

I have had an interest for audio editing over many years which led me to getting involved in community radio, where I have broadcast programs on a number of stations around the country. My current radio show (commenced in 2002) has been the perfect vehicle to use my editing skills to create short featurettes, interviews, and mega mixes using a variety of digital audio tools such as Sony Soundforge, Ableton Live, Adobe Audition, and Protools. My passion for cut and paste audio has also afforded me opportunities to create commissioned audio content for Universal Music, The Brazilian Film Festival, and Pulse Radio.

In 2012 I was commissioned by Warner Music Australia to produce a 17 minute audio mega-mix to promote the Led Zeppelin “Celebration Day” box-set. This project was inspired by the cut and paste stylings of Hip Hop producers such as Steinski, Coldcut, and DJ Shadow and uses short snippets of some of the most iconic Led Zeppelin songs merged with other various audio grabs and samples.

I recorded an interview with the very talented Lance ferguson of The Bamboos in the studios of Sydney community radio station 2SER, and edited it down into a featurette containing snippets of songs taken from their most recent album at the time. The featurette was broadcast on 2SER FM, and also shared via social media by The Bamboos.

I had a phone conversation with DJ Ease from Nightmares On Wax on the eve of his Australian tour of 2016, about the glory days of growing up in England at the time when Hip Hop culture had jumped over the pond. Ease goes into detail about his first Hip Hop crew, the early rave scene, and how Ibiza (his current home) has changed over the years. We also get geeky and drop some studio tech knowledge, and of course hear a few snippets from his extensive back catalog of releases.

For this interview I created a sound bed of some of his most iconic tracks to highlight sections of a much longer phone conversation, and broadcast this interview on Sydney community radio 2SER FM.