23 Jan 2018

Wordpress CSV plugin roundup

Recently I needed a wordpress plugin that allowed me to import a CSV file and store the data into a SQL table. Not knowing any particular plugins I decided to to download, install and test a whole bunch of them - and the results, whilst not always providing a solution to my original problem where still very interesting.

Import CSV files

Download: https://en-au.wordpress.org/plugins/import-csv-files/

A very simple plugin that efficiently imports data from a CSV file and matches it against a variety of post/page related fields. I can see that this plugin would be extremely helpfull for creating pages or posts from a spreadsheet of data. I can already forsee a potential use for this plugin in an upcoming project where I need to migrate much content from static HTML website into a wordpress site.


Download: https://en-au.wordpress.org/plugins/jc-importer/

Another great content importer that matches the CSV data to a variety of wordpess fields. This plugin is very simple to use, and has a number of advanced features in the free version such as the ability to not only map the content to a wordpress post or page, but also a user, taxonomy, or custom post type. The premium version of this plugin allows automated scheduled importing.


Download: https://en-au.wordpress.org/plugins/tablepress/

TablePress allows you to easily create and manage beautiful tables. You can embed the tables into posts, pages, or text widgets with a simple Shortcode. Table data can be edited in a speadsheet-like interface, so no coding is necessary. Tables can contain any type of data, even formulas that will be evaluated. An additional JavaScript library adds features like sorting, pagination, filtering, and more for site visitors. Tables can be imported and exported from/to Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON files.


Download: https://en-au.wordpress.org/plugins/wptables/

Need to insert a table into your page or post? WordPress Tables plugin will take your data in CSV/JSON format or directly from MySQL table and create an interactive data table. With WPTables plugin, you can easily create and manage your tables from the WordPress administration. Simply insert a shortcode into your page, article or post, and you are ready to go. That’s it! Enjoy your new table.


Download: https://en-au.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-csv-to-database/

WP CSV to Database plugin allows you to insert CSV file content into WordPress database. You can selectively insert data into a particular database table. You can also export any WordPress database table content to a CSV file using this plugin. Useful when you want to bulk upload data from your CSV file (example: product details) to the WordPress database in one go. Bulk data import from CSV (Microsoft Excel) file. Bulk data export from your database to CSV file